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About Organisation
The Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) was founded on June 29, 2000, by eight women with different professional backgrounds, in order to support women’s equal participation in various spheres of life and activities aimed at social change. WISG believes, that in a patriarchal society, women are unable to enjoy equal opportunities and public goods. Women’s labor and contributions to social development go unnoticed and misrecognized; a woman is perceived as an object, rather than a subject, of culture and politics. Thus, since their inception, the Group’s activities and efforts strive to improve existing conditions and achieve equal rights. The Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group was and remains the first organization in Georgia focused on the empowerment of lesbian and bisexual women and trans* persons. WISG has authored all basic research and policy analyses on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in Georgia. Today, the organization is a leading expert in LGBTI issues and enjoys a high level of credibility among both local and international state and non-state actors. WISG’s mission is to promote feminist ideas and support the development of women’s activism and the establishment of safe spaces where sexism and homo/bi/transphobia are recognized as a social problem on cultural, social, legal, and political levels. WISG aims to develop an organizational management model in line with its strategic plan, which will effecti...
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